Boat Sponsor Link package

This package aims to ensure a sponsor’s name is associated with their relevant entries on all appropriate documents and media at all stages of the competition (see below for details).

Boat entry: £300 per brand.
Maximum of two brands per entry allowed. Activated only once payment has been received.

1- Sponsor’s name on Official web list with link to sponsor’s chosen URL.

Sponsor link on weblist

2- Sponsor’s name on Official Participants list in magazine providing information has been supplied on-time.

3- Sponsor’s name on Official List  posted on website with link to sponsor chosen URL.

4- Sponsor’s name on live Leaderboard link only available to first brand.

5- Sponsor’s name on Official Prize giving document – information to be read as we greet participants on-stage.

6- Sponsor’s name on Official Results documents – documents to be published on WPC website and dispatched to media database.

7- Sponsor’s name associated to anglers on Social Media feeds when appropriate.


Subscribe to the package early and soon as you do, we will publish a post promoting your sponsored entry – article & pictures are to be provided by yourself.

Create a WPC page on your website so we can link and refer to it on social media.

The more proactive you and your sponsored anglers are the more exposure we can assist with (blog, video diary etc.).

Let us know each time you update the page and we will relay the message on social media.

Fly your sponsor’s colour by way of a flag on a pole during the boat parade. You’re also allowed to come on stage with the flag at prize giving.
Only one sponsor flag is allowed per entry, the second flag must be one of the country represented.