Gerjan & Nico van Lopik represent Navionics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGerjan & Nico  van Lopik represent Navionics . Captain: Gerjan van Lopik is a 23 year old predator angler that was born in the Netherlands. The love and the passion for this sport has grown tremendously during his childhood. He wants to improve himself with every session. It started several years ago. He fished together with his father Nico on the Dutch Breams, but he always have had one passion. “Fishing to freshwater predators”. He started as Pro Staffer for Tracker & Honda two years ago. The drive for more started two years ago when he fished his first NKS competitions. In association with Nico they get an excellent result in the final of the NKS league after a fantastic victory in one of the series matches. After he was asked if he want to fish for Navionics during the World Predator Classic, he did not hesitate. It is a great honour that he is one of the members for team Navionics. Fishing the World Predator Classic league is a dream that really comes true, according Gerjan.

Nico van Lopik is 50 years old and is fishing since his 4th year. As a child he was already with his grandfather along the waterfront to catch roach and bream. He started for fishing to predators like many other fishermen a few years later with live bait in the time it was legal to use it. Nico NavionicsWhen Gerjan had the age to come along, they fished together. You can find Nico and Gerjan also together on the water during this day. A few years ago, Nico and Gerjan decided together to seriously go fishing on the freshwater predators, which give the result that she won the NKS match on the mesh and got a nice ranking during the final. When Navionics gave us the opportunity to fish the World Predator Classic, we did not doubt to do that. This is the highest level that you can reach in the angler sport.

I attended the WPC last year every minute, not knowing that we are a team this year. We want to thanks Navionics for this opportunity.

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