WSF Registration Information

For its 6th edition, the street fishing category of the World Predator Classic which has grown massively since its inception is now and for the first time becoming a dedicated stand-alone event to be known as WORLD STREET FISHING.


NEW 2019

  • Amazing NEW LOCATION for 2019 Metz – Eastern France
  • A dedicated event 31st May 1st and 2nd June 2019 with Angling Spirit event management and media team
  • An international event qualifying support structure – dates & venues soon to be published
  • minimum of 15kms of great fishable bank space including City Centre, Rivers, Canals, Weirs and bridges to keep the event very exciting for everybody
  • 300 places available
  • All past participants will have a guaranteed place in the 2019 competition if registering before 30th November 2018.


  • A strict no-kill catch & release event with fish welfare being of prime importance at all time
  • Run as a Catch Photo Release format
  • Run over two-day


  • Anglers to be 14 years of age minimum – anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • All competitors are required to sign the on-site registration form which includes a disclaimer to confirm acceptance and understanding of the full and final event rules and terms & conditions.



  • 2 registered and fully paid anglers can pair together to make up a Team
  • Entered Teams compete for an additional separate Team prize table

Generic Team entry -Team name not related to a brand or product – country or generic with a maximum 25 characters
€20 per angler – €40 per Team 

Sponsor Team entry – One brand/product unless brand already associated with the event. ie Team Lowrance CMap
30 per angler – €60 per Team 
One brand only unless already associated with the event and in that case, only 2 brands allowed.
A- 2 brands as already associated with the event ie: Lowrance CMap – Flambeau
B- 1 brand + generic: Pepsi next level fishing


RECAPITULATIVE COST CHART                                                                                              

Entry Fee ….. Team Entry Generic ….. Team Entry Sponsor ….. Sponsor Link
One Angler €80 €20 €30 €30
Two Anglers €160 €40 €60 €60
1 Angler + Team Generic €100
1 Angler + Team Sponsor €110
1 Angler + Team Generic + Sponsor link €130
1 Angler + Team Sponsor + Sponsor link €140
2 Anglers + Team Generic €200
2 Anglers + Team Sponsor €220
2 Anglers + Team Generic + Sponsor link €260
2 Anglers + Team Sponsor + Sponsor link €280