By May 23, 2023 OVERALL

We invite three media professionals to the WPC. All around. And that means:

  • You live in one of the villas in Hellevoetsluis, accompanied by your own “co” author.
    For a whole week.
  •  You will receive a VIP pass that allows you to have breakfast at the restaurant and go to dinner at the WPC Marketplace every day.
  •  You get access to the WPC Media house and thus access to all images and media of the WPC Media team.
  • You will receive an All-Access Key Card. It opens the gates to the jetties at any time and thus leads directly to the boats and onto the boats of the participants.
  • You get access to one of the Media & Marshall boats. With one of our captains you can drive to the middle of the starting field or out to shoot your pictures of anglers during the tournament.

It doesn’t matter to us whether your channel is world-famous or is in the start-up phase.

We cover all costs for you, your companion and for the whole event week.

What you have to do for it?
Just develop your format further.





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