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Welcome to the WCC18 Competitors Arena, in index page for all Participants. For your convenience we have gathered all important links and forms so you can bookmark only one page and gain access to all important information regarding the event.

Using below links to submit communication and information will ensure information is being dispatched appropriately and therefore dealt with promptly.

Click here or on icon to download the WCC18 FULL PARTICIPANTS INFORMATION PACK



Important & Compulsory

Registration/Disclaimer Form
To be completed on-line by September 10th 2018

Confidential Medical Form
At your discretion bring in a sealed envelop 

For an easy on-site registration:

  • Present a Photo ID ie Passport/Identity card
  • Have you completed your on-line Registration/Disclaimer form
  • You have a French Fishing permit then bring it
  • You don’t have a fishing permit then bring a portrait photo


NEW A quick round up in English Admin video
NEW A quick round up in French Admin video

WCC18-Insurance form

WCC18 Food & Island movement see WCC18 Q&A


Compulsory for all Registration / Disclaimer form for: Anglers and Helpers – must be completed on-line on or before 10th September
WE will show we have received your Registration/Disclaimer Form by changing your name to ORANGE on OFFICIAL LIST