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Welcome to the WPC20 Team Arena, index page for all WPC Team members. For your convenience, we have gathered all important links and forms so you can bookmark only one page and gain access to all important information regarding the event.

Using the below links to submit communication and information will ensure information is being dispatched appropriately and therefore dealt with promptly.

Bonjour et bienvenue au sein de la Team WPC20. Cette page recueille tous les liens vers toutes les informations dont vous avez besoin. Une seule page et un seul mot de passe pour acceder à tout.

Nous avons fait de gros efforts de traduction en ce qui concerne les documents mais il reste et notamment sur le site des informations en anglais. Pour ce qui est du site vous pouvez obtenir une traduction Google immediate en changeant la langue en haut a droite. Pour les documents au besoin vous pouvez utiliser Google translate depuis votre moteur de recherche.

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WPC20 Team ONLY documents




WPC20 COVID-19 documents

  • WCC20-01-COVID-19 poster-COVID Health check at registration
  • WCC20-02-COVID-19 poster.Ill last 14 days
  • WCC20-03-COVID-19 posters
  • WCC20-04-COVID-19 important reminders and numbers
  • WCC20-05-COVID-19 symptoms bilingual
  • WCC20-06-COVID-19 health assessment English – soon to be available also in French

WCC20 Documents used during the event

  • 07-WCC20-Boat Pass checklist
  • 08-WCC20-Competitors catch sheet
  • 09-WCC20-Marshals Official catch sheet

WPC20 Team admin documents

  • A- WPC Event Maker Charter
  • B- List of items on-lent
RefCaptainVCaptainSponsor nameTeam nameCountrySTATUS
WPC21-01Radek FilipMartin StepkaRheinland booteRheinland boote1Czech RepCONFIRMED
WPC21-02Bastian StoessJulian KaukEchomopsGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-03Dirk SchitzkatToni SachseGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-04Jochen Elpers Jochen ElperswGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-05Frank BussmeyerDaniel KatzoreckNautische UnieNautische UnieGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-06Adam GrabowskiMariusz TroociankoPolandCONFIRMED
WPC21-07Romain WinschermanPhillipe ColletBeneluxCONFIRMED
WPC21-08Tomasz KurnikPiotr WojnowskiPolandCONFIRMED
WPC21-09Jan PuschSalah El BarbouchiFinval GermanyGermanyIn progress
WPC21-10Heiko SelwitschkaDietmar ZwisslerGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-11Saku LaaksonenJuho TuomivaaraJigi CupFinland QCONFIRMED
WPC21-15Jaroslav VojtaAntonin PacalCzech RepCONFIRMED
WPC21-16Mikka VornanenPeter LahtiMercuryMercury4FinlandCONFIRMED
WPC21-18Sascha FedickClemens LeinenbachGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-19Brian KurbjuhnSusann SiegmeierGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-20Matt BoastJan BoosmaLowranceLowrance1EnglandCONFIRMED
WPC21-21Ari PaatajPekka LaitinenLowranceLowrance1FinlandCONFIRMED
WPC21-22Jeremy StavermanJelle de JongLowranceLowrance2BelgiumCONFIRMED
WPC21-23Pierre JohnenPatrick WischermannLowranceLowrance2GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-24Sascha TodtenhausenSebastian BinapflRheinland booteRheinland boote1GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-25Christian JunkenitzFlorian BuchwieserRheinland booteRheinland boote2GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-26Andre NaumannDanielRheinland booteRheinland boote2GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-28Kris BroeckxJohan volkaertBelgiumCONFIRMED
WPC21-29Michael StalenhoefHerman SchuurmanCitta RomanaCitta RomanaNetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-30Janek MaciejewskiJustin HitchcockUK qualifierEnglandCONFIRMED
WPC21-31Michal BatogowskiDamian DodaProfuturoPolandApproved
WPC21-32Jan BaarDaan de RijkCitta RomanaCitta RomanaNetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-33Juraj BrekTBASlovakiaCONFIRMED
WPC21-34Luc CoppensJeroen EijssensMercuryMercury1BelgiumCONFIRMED
WPC21-35Willlem StolkChris BloemertMercuryMercury1BeneluxCONFIRMED
WPC21-36Thomas EngertMarc PtacovskyMercuryMercury2GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-37Lukas RiplingerToni WeiseMercuryMercury2GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-38Marcin SentkowskiDamian LitwinskiPolandApproved
WPC21-39Stephane PoincotMarvin RaynaudMercuryMercury4FranceCONFIRMED
WPC21-40Artur KocikowskiMarcin KotowskiRobinsonPolandCONFIRMED
WPC21-42Peter HornakMarian MaslanakSlovakiaCONFIRMED
WPC21-43Andre SchmittDanni SchaferCrestliner Boats EuropeNautische UnieGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-46Jan BohunekAles ErbaCzech RepCONFIRMED
WPC21-49Thomas BarwinskiMirko BeckerRheinland booteGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-50Roland GotzlerRoman KonopitzkyGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-51Oliver WieczorekMatthias DorenGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-54Ugis GrossVilmantas NesukuotisLatvia/LTCONFIRMED
WPC21-55Evert OostdamBernard van der SlotMercuryMercury3NetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-56Philipp SpitzerAlexander KalweitMercuryMercury3GermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-57Krzysztof KlosAdrian PronPolandCONFIRMED
WPC21-58Jan HubkaJakub KolarTropic Fishing IllexCzech RepCONFIRMED
WPC21-59Arend van der HeijdenMartijn ReitsmaNetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-60Brice AlothXavier BoucherandKURUKFranceCONFIRMED
WPC21-61Timo RuffEckehard GoetzeGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-62Frank HelmingChristian TemminghoffLund-IJsselsportNetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-63Hendry VisGerald VierhoutQuantumQuantumNetherlandsCONFIRMED
WPC21-64Vincent CharlierJulien BridardQuantumQuantumGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-65Daniel AndrianiToni WehnGermanyCONFIRMED
WPC21-66Kevin SteySascha NeumullerCS-Batteries Lithium expertsBFE fishing teamGermanyCONFIRMED