WPC Event Questions & Answers

As participants in this years’ event, you and your angling partners could be our next Champions of the World Predator Classic. Read carefully following Q&A and raise any queries you have prior to peg draw.

The official language of the event is English so we invite you all in the first instance to use Google Translate if required – this feature is available on each website page at the top right.


COVID-19 measures as described in the participants’ pack supersede any other information.
In brief, measures are:

Only Type II masks are allowed and must be worn by all at all times indoors and outdoors throughout the competition every time you are in contact with others outside of your COVID-19 bubble.
Competitors must have their own type II masks and alcohol sanitiser (70%).

Read participants pack with great attention. Masks must be worn by all at all times indoors and outdoors throughout the competition every time you are in contact with others outside of your COVID-19 bubble.

Anglers must wait to be invited to access the pontoon and follow the marshal’s guidance at all times.

Anglers not following COVID-19 may face immediate disqualification and will be asked to leave the site immediately.


As per official bodies’ requirements, no pets will be allowed this year.

We urge you to refrain from inviting visitors to come on-site during the whole competition. Visitors’ not allowed on pontoons.


• All participants must hold a valid Dutch fishing license. If you don’t already hold one, a licence will be issued to you by the organisers upon registration.

• One angler per boat must have a valid International certificate for operating of pleasure craft’ or equivalent ( http://www.unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/doc/finaldocs/sc3/TRANS-SC3-147e.pdf )

• A boat insurance including a public liability to cover any third party damage in the event of any incident


What is the minimum age?
– Must be of 18 years of age by the start of the competition.

Is Personal Public Liability insurance required?
Organisers will provide as part of the entry fee a personal Public Liability cover. This cover is only valid in between registered WPC guests and only during the hours of the competition each day. The cover provided does not include anything in relation to the boat.
We therefore strongly advise competitors to ensure they too have their own Public Liability insurance to cover them outside of the hours of the competition and damages happening to any third party in addition to their normal boat insurance.


Do I need boat insurance?
YES COMPULSORY – Proof of boat insurance including public liability required.
This needs to be done in your respective country. Organisers are not able to provide such cover.


Rest day

This is a day between two days of the competition dedicated to using the event as a platform for Best Regards, Marianneands to invite media and customers to see and test the equipment.

This day is usually held on the Friday and fishing is only allowed in the “Partners Arena” providing all captains participating in it take part as usual in the daily briefing.

In 2021 due to COVID-19, no Rest Day will be organised.


Anglers are free to fish each day in a unique zone situated in between the Haringvliet sluizen bridge to the Moerdijk sluizen bridge.
Captains have one hour from the end of the daily competition to return their scorecard to Event HQ at Cape Helius marina.
Card-handed late will void any fish caught that day.
No pictures will be accepted after the end of the daily competition unless requested by Event HQ.
Event HQ requested pictures to be supplied by the time the card is being handed in.