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WPC Event Questions & Answers

As participants in this years’ event, you and your angling partners could be our next Champions of the World Predator Classic. Read carefully following Q&A and raise any queries you have prior to peg draw.

The official language of the event is English so we invite you all in the first instance to use Google Translate if required – this feature is available on each website page at the top right.


• All participants must hold a valid Dutch fishing license. If you don’t already hold one, a licence will be issued to you by the organisers upon registration.

• One angler per boat must have a valid International certificate for operating of pleasure craft’ or equivalent ( )

• A boat insurance including a public liability to cover any third party damage in the event of any incident


What is the minimum age?
– Must be of 18 years of age by the start of the competition.

Is Personal Public Liability insurance required?
Organisers will provide as part of the entry fee a personal Public Liability cover. This cover is only valid in between registered WPC guests and only during the hours of the competition each day. The cover provided does not include anything in relation to the boat.
We therefore strongly advise competitors to ensure they too have their own Public Liability insurance to cover them outside of the hours of the competition and damages happening to any third party in addition to their normal boat insurance.


Do I need boat insurance?
YES COMPULSORY – Proof of boat insurance including public liability required.
This needs to be done in your respective country. Organisers are not able to provide such cover.


Rest day

This is a day between two days of the competition dedicated to using the event as a platform for Best Regards, Marianneands to invite media and customers to see and test the equipment. The Rest day is also used to run the WPC JUNIOR CUP.

This day is usually held on the Friday and fishing is not allowed in the main event tournament water.

WPC Junior-Cup with own PrizeGiving Ceremony at WPC MarketPlace at Rest day evening.

The Rest day is NOT suitable to run a postponed full fishing tournament day of WPC main event in case of bad weather.


Anglers are free to fish each day in a unique zone situated in between the Haringvliet sluizen bridge to the Moerdijk sluizen bridge.
No pictures will be accepted after the end of the daily competition unless requested by Event HQ.

In case of fishing-app, cellphone- or networkcoverage- malfunction,
– a “missing-fish”-Card has to be filled in and presented at HQ not later than 90 Minutes after end of daily competition
– Event HQ requested or missing pictures to be supplied by the time the card is being handed in.
No Show at HQ within 90 Mins after daily fishing end will confirm app results automatically.

Competitors are free to make use of a “all catches-card” to backup their daily results from app for themselves.
In case of fishing-app, cellphone- or networkcoverage- malfunction, they then will have an overview of their catches to double-check their entire daily catches. “All catches card” is a NON OFFICIAL document in HQ and is NOT to be brought in. In case, competitors note a missing fish after checking the app’s and their own filled in “all catches card”-entries, they then are to make use of the “missing-fish”-Card to present in HQ not later than 90 Minutes after end of daily competition.

We invite all our participants to read carefully the following Q&A and raise any queries you have prior to the start of the competition by emailing us at moc.t1720896364irips1720896364gnilg1720896364na@of1720896364ni1720896364


Is there a minimum or maximum size of boat?

No this is an open event that is inclusive, not exclusive.

What is the minimum age for anglers to compete in the event?

In the inaugural year, anglers to be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of onsite registration

What are the minimum and maximum number of anglers on a recreational boat?

Boat event with a minimum of two anglers per boat. Captain + 1 angler and to a maximum of 3 persona, if a media-representative is registered. (3rd person = media-representative only)

Are boats allowed to have crew or people on board that are not competing?

Only persons that have entered the competition are permitted to be on board any competing boat during the hours of the competition
Exceptions: officially approved media or crew on charter boats

What happens if Competitors don't do a clean up?

In the case, cleanup is not conducted prior to onsite registration a 100€  fine will be payable. A 100% of the monies collected will be used in Spirit OF Angling children’s initiatives and shoreline cleanups done in conjunction with local charities or schools.
Competitors, that do not participate at cleanup and do not pay the fine will be excluded from the event.

How will you know that competitors have done a litter clean up?

All Competitors have to publish a public post with pictures on a social network and provide organisers with a link to be checked. This must be completed prior to on-site registration. Or show pictures of cleanup during registration by using laptop or smartphone

Do you need safety equipment to compete?

Yes as stated in event rule E05
To be compliant during the competition a boat must carry at any time:
– An appropriate anchor/weight properly secured to the boat
– An operational bilge pump or bailer
– A foghorn or acoustic warning device.
– An approved extinguisher.
– A first aid kit
– A life jacket per person on-board – Must be CE certified and conform to the European standard of at least EN396 – 150 Newton fitted with a whistle and a luminous stick or waterproof electric light.

Do you need to wear a life jacket when on a boat competing?

 All anglers competing in the event MUST wear a life jacket at all time while on the water.


Does the boat need to be insured?

All boats taking part in the competition must have an up-to-date Third Party Liability insurance cover in the name of the boat owner.

Personal Public Liability for participants

All participants must have Personal Public Liability insurance to cover them while participating in a fishing competition.

A simple way to get one in the UK is to become a member of the Angling Trust. This is what English competitors in our other events subscribe to get their cover.

Top prizes eligibility verification

Boats finishing in the top section of the prize table will be checked to ensure they have complied with all conditions of entry in regards to boat insurance and basic onboard security.


Are berths available locally during the period of the event?

Yes at Hellevoetsluis Marinas, berths will be provided at diffrent locations

Is there a slipway to launch a boat from a trailer?

Yes there is a slipways locally, competitors will gett access to, guided slip at Monday & Tuesday

Will there be a team event category in 2024?

Yes, competitiors can register as team of 2 boats (4 anglers) with NO extra fees!

If a boat loses an anchor or trolling motor? can they go back ashore to get another one?

Yes, a boat is allowed to return ashore to collect another anchor but they MUST contact a marshall boat / Event HQ who will oversee and monitor this completely. 


What are the 3 target species per day?

target species: Perch, Zander and Pike

How do the fish get measured?

Put fish on Official Measuring Board with

* fish right flank down
* lips touching the headboard

What happens if I can’t get a signal at sea after I have caught a fish?

You make sure that you have got good quality images on your phone so that you can submit them as soon as you have a signal.
All pictures should be taken using your phone camera and not through the app to ensure you always have a copy on your phone at all times.

What security is in place to make sure the event is run fairly?

There are many security measures in place including having a totally independent impartial team of adjudicators who will oversee all of the results being processed. 
There are Marshall Boats out during the event.
NEW: Marshall on shore. There are Marshalls all across the marinas and locks around the fishing area
NEW: Every boat gets rigged with a latest generation GPS-tracking system, showing and saving routes during the entire event (access not public; Marshall access only) Routes / plots taken and saved all over the event duration.