WPC Registration Information

After being twice postponed in 2020, we are finally delighted to announce that the event will be taking place from the 1st to the 3rd of July 2021

Event Details

• The competition is open to all from the age of 18 and up.
• World Predator Classic is a pair’s event fished from boats.
• The event is run as a strict catch & release competition.
• It is a three-day event run each day between 08:15 and 16:15.
• The event is run from the Haringvliet sluizen to the Moerdijk bridge (A16 bridge).
– There is one vast fishing arena for all competitors situated in between the Haringvliet sluizen bridge and the Moerdijk bridge.
– There is one daily start line. See Section F.
– Captains are to hand their day card in within one hour of the end of each competition day. Official photographs are to be taken to validate a catch to be the one of the fish on the official measuring board showing fish right flank down with a unique fish label readable.

Conditions of Entry

• All participants must hold a valid Dutch fishing license. If you do not already hold one, you will be added to the competition permit list which is only valid during daily competition hours.
• Anyone intending to operate a boat during the competition must present at registration a valid international certificate for operating of pleasure craft or equivalent. (https://unece.org/fileadmin/DAM/trans/doc/finaldocs/sc3/TRANS-SC3-147e.pdf).
• A boat public liability certificate is required to cover any third-party damage in the event of any incident and is also to be presented at registration.
• Limited personal public liability is included in the entry fee – read carefully the WPC personal public liability details. Due to the limitations, anglers are required to have their own personal public liability in addition.

Cost of Entry

Boat entry fee
£1500 per boat (2 anglers) – anglers to be 18 years of age minimum

Extras – can be booked and paid for at any time. Extras are only taken into account against payment.

Boat Sponsor Link package: £300 Click here for full details
Team entry Generic £300 (£150 x 2) or – 2 registered entries can team together to represent a country. Click here for full information
Team entry Sponsor £500 (£250 x 2) when 2 registered entries are representing a sponsor/brand.