WPC England Qualifier Rules

Fishing must be carried out respecting the spirit and traditions of an international event.

• The organisers, WPC England, will have absolute control and discretion over the competition, rules, and terms and conditions.
• The organisers reserve the right to modify all or part of the rules and T&C at any time.
• World Predator Classic England rules abide by and include all relevant local rules, and have been reviewed and authorised by appropriate local authorities.
• All competitors understand that they have to provide organisers with all required documents & their Rod License as a condition to their entry in the event.
• All competitors will be required to sign a registration form to confirm acceptance of the full and final event rules and terms & conditions.
• All competitors to sign event disclaimer.
• Competition rules also include the terms & conditions. All offenses will be reported to the organisers and dealt with in accordance with their seriousness and may lead to disqualification.
• Organisers will use competitors’ image at their sole discretion on any support material they deem appropriate at any the time from acceptance of entry in the event.
• English is the official language of the World Predator Classic England.
• Official currency of the World Predator Classic England is the Pound Sterling (E).
• Official time format is 24 hours and all times mentioned are local times
• Official measurement is centimeters (cm)


• Competition open to all from the age of 18
• Run as a strict Catch & Release competition.
• Competitors will be provided with a map where the fishing arena will be clearly marked.
• Longest One (1) Pike, Three (3) Zander Three (3) Perch per day per kayak/boat to count in the competition.
• Results are based on the length of fish validated by photographs. Centimetres are then converted into points.


• All participants must hold a valid EA fishing license.


To be allowed to fish from a kayak or boat in the competition, anglers must abide by the following: To sign World Predator Classic England disclaimer as well as an agreement of understanding of the rules and to abide by them (this includes WPC Terms and Conditions).
Use of kayak/boat during the competition is at the sole responsibility of the anglers who as part of the event are required to have subscribed to sufficient Kayak/Boat Public Liability insurance to allow them to take part in the event — this is left to their discretion.

B01- Competitor to register at one of the designated times (see Event Itinerary) and provide organisers with all required documents (read carefully Registration Process in your competitors’ pack — Incomplete documentation will mean you will forfeit your turn during registration).
B02- Anyone not registering within the official registration times could be excluded from the competition and their entry fee forfeited unless prior notice is given. If competitors have a valid reason for being late they can contact the organisers by email at riverguide@Iive.co.uk. A decision will be made by the organisers and this will be final.


C01- All Kayak and Boat Captains are required to attend a briefing on Saturday 20th August at 18.00 at Event HQ
C02- All rules queries received by the Event Team will be compiled and be re-addressed during competitors’ meeting. Answers given during this meeting will be final and supersedes any others given previously.


The prize table will be allocated based as follows:
D01- Prize table breakdown – 1st to Sth place overall
D02- Prizes will only be given to competitors present at prize-giving — If competitors are not there to receive their prizes, then they will be drawn for.
D03- Awarded prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Organisers reserve the right to exchange advertised prizes for an alternative to the same or greater value of the one first mentioned. Once awarded prizes become the winners’ sole responsibility and appropriate arrangements are to be made to ensure their security.


E01- No one under the age of 18 can take part in World Predator Classic England Kayak/Boat Open.
E02-The use of kayak/boats in all circumstances throughout the entire competition is entirely at the competitors’ own risk and responsibility. World Predator Classic England is not liable for any damage/accidents resulting from the use of kayaks/boats by competitors.


E03- All kayaks used during the competition must conform to the Host venue and World Predator Classic requirements (rule E05).
E04- Propulsion allowed: only man-powered by either use of a paddle or with feet propulsion.


E05- To be compliant during the competition kayak/boats must carry at any time: By law:

  • One or more paddles or oars
  • A bail or a manually operated pump (Boat only)
  • An acoustic warning device (whistle)

Additional to meet World Predator Classic requirements:

  • 2 litres of drinking water (Kayak 1 litre)
  • Sun protection for each angler in the form of a cap or a hat


E06- Competitor IS REQUIRED to wear a life jacket (PFD) properly fastened at all times when on board or on the landing stages.

E07- Life jacket (PFD) will be checked and must meet the following requirements: — Must be CE certified and conform to the European standard of at least EN395. — Be fitted with a whistle.


E08- Prior to registration each kayak/boat, it’s equipment and life jacket will be checked and the checklist provided ticked off and signed by the competitors giving them time to comply with requirements as detailed in points E05 to E07.
E09- Security Spot Check: Organisers, World Predator Classic England Marshals and Local Authorities have sole discretion to conduct Spot Checks at any time during the competition
E10- If a kayak/boat is found non-compliant, competitors are to immediately return to shore and take action as necessary. They will need to go through a complete security check before being allowed to return to the competition. If a kayak/boat is found non-compliant by Local Authorities, it is at their sole discretion to impose local laws. Depending on the severity of the non-compliance, the event organisers have the right to issue a yellow or red card.


E11- Local, National, European and International boating rules apply in this order. World Predator Classic will endeavour to provide any local angling rules relevant to the good running of the event but it is the kayak/boat angler’s sole responsibility to manoeuvre their kayak/boat appropriately and safely.

E12- Competitors will be supplied with a map of the zone to be used – will also include any forbidden zones – marina and 50 metres around harbour entrances are excluded from the competition.

E13- During the competition, kayak/boats are required to keep a minimum distance of 50 metres from other competing boats and 50 metres from non-competing anglers or competing Kayaks

E14- Competition Head Marshal may disqualify a kayak/boat from use if kayak/boat or anglers are deemed unfit to go afloat.

E15- During rough weather, Competition Head Marshal may issue via Kayak/Boat Marshal an acoustic signal to order anglers to seek the nearest shelter as marked on the map. Competitors to follow marshals’ orders. This must be complied with immediately.

E16- In the event of thunder anglers are to stop fishing immediately without awaiting for Head Marshal acoustic order and seek safe nearest shelter.

E17- Competitors to report any queries to Competition Communication Centre using the number provided.


E18- Anglers responsibility to moor kayak securely in designated area.

E19- All valuables must be removed overnight. Anything left is done at the owners’ sole responsibility


E20- Anglers are to raise the alarm immediately if a problem arises by phoning one of the zone marshals’ numbers provided or Competition HQ.
E21- Foghorn also to be used to raise Zone Marshals and other competitors’ attention. Neighbouring competing kayak/boats must maintain a 15 metre safety distance while assessing the gravity of the situation.
E22- If the situation is not life-threatening, competing rescue anglers to remain close until the arrival of a Marshals’ boat. They can resume with competition as soon as they are being given the go-ahead by Marshal’s boat.
E23- In case of a more serious situation competing rescue kayak/boat allowed to approach kayak/boat in difficulty. Having their own safety in mind, they are allowed to assist competitor while awaiting Marshals’ assistance. They can resume with competition as soon as they are being given the go ahead by Marshal’s boat.


F01- Start of competition daily procedure:

  • Captains to register with Event Official to be handed their Competitors’ Event
  • Anglers to undergo a self-security check showing appropriate daily sticker as a reference when displaying all security equipment on board as detailed in rules E06/E08/ and Competitor Event Bag with a security label
  • All storage compartments/items to be opened for boat inspection by the event

F02- Kayaks Start of competition 07:30 from Kayak Zone start line. Boats Start of competition 08.30
F03- It is competitors’ sole responsibility to be on Zone by the start of the competition which will be marked on the day by the blowing of a long fog-horn signal at 07:30 and 08.30 local times.
F04- It is again the competitors’ responsibility to be back at the starting zone when marshals will signal with two blasts of foghorn at the end of the competition. Kayak finishing time 15.00 Boat finishing time will be 16.00 Any kayaks/boats not in the area on time will be penalised (see sanctions section).
F05- Upon return to shore it is the competitor’s responsibility to return their Competitor’s Event Bag as detailed in section G along with their Daily Catch Card duly filled and signed.
F07- Failing to return Competitors Event Bag and/or Daily Catch Report signed will carry a penalty.
F08- Signed Catch Report will act as Angler’s safe return clocking card.
F09- Any Catch Report not returned by 17:00 will automatically activate a location search.


G01- For the good running of the event organisers will supply each competing kayak/boat with a Competitors Event Bag. Items contained in the bag are lent and will have to be returned as follows:

  • Daily unused labels
  • Measuring ruler

G02- Competitors are liable for the loss or damage of lent items as detailed in the Competitors’ information package.


H01- The act of fishing must be carried as follow:
— NO fishing allowed by the conventional anchor with weight chain and rope.
— GPS anchor allowed.
H02- Competitors are not allowed to come back to shore/ coupled with another vessel/ or tie to a buoy or tower unless dictated by a medical or mechanical emergency.
H03- Fishing to be done exclusively within the limits of Zone.
H04- Only 2 rods having a lure attached to a line are allowed per angler at any one time. Reserve rods are allowed to be rigged on board but at no time can there be more than two rods rigged with a lure per angler.
H05- Only artificial lures meeting local water requirements are allowed (see section L). Strictly forbidden any live or dead bait as well as any kind of substances thrown overboard aimed at attracting fish.
H06- Trolling with a motor is not allowed Trolling with paddles/oars is permitted H07- Rules detailing lure sizes and use of leaders are dictated by Grafham Water.



I01- Anglers agree that the fishing must be carried out respecting the spirit and traditions of an international event.
I02- To fish the competition on a no-kill catch and release basis with fish welfare of primary importance at all times.
I03- Competitors are also required to adopt respectful conduct, at all times of the competition, and behave in a manner that will be a credit to themselves and to the World Predator Classic England including sponsors, third parties, host venue and community (swearing, obscene gestures but also excess drinking and the taking of illegal substances are prohibited).
I04- To comply with event rules at all times and to take part in the event without the intention of cheating. The organisers’ retain the right to search all competitors’ tackle and kayak/boat to combat any form of cheating or rule-breaking.
I05- Competitors must comply with requests from Official World Predator Classic England film crews & photographers at all times regarding media coverage, except if they are in the process of landing a fish. Members of the media who are competing will not be granted media access to other competitors.


J01- Competition is fished according to a daily quota of 3 Perch, 3 Zander, 1 Pike of which only the longest will count.
J02- Kayak/Boat anglers must use their own camera to take pictures.
J03- To count fish must be measured using “Official Measuring Boards” supplied daily by the organisers before the start of the competition and follow the procedure as detailed below.
J04- Only fish caught by the mouth and measuring above the minimum length for the host water will count. Perch: 22 cm – Zander: 32cm – Pike: 45cm.Fish below the minimum size should be immediately be released with great care.
J05- To count the catch must meet strict validation process as follow:

  • Minimum length for the species
  • Measured using Official ruler with the fish right flank with lips touching the stand, tail flat whilst fish is being measured. Pictures with bloodstained, incomplete, poor exposition, showing a dead fish etc. will disqualify the fish
  • Correct use of fish tag labels & submission of Daily Catch Card.
  • Data has to be given to Kayak/boat Results Official accompanied only by one (1) pictures, one of the fish on measuring board showing clearly unique fish tag label Fish returned to water alive — though this is done in good faith & honourable
    If any one of the above is not followed, the catch will automatically become invalid and therefore will not be taken into account.

J06- Only full centimetres will be recorded if the fish is over the length marker the next full centimetre number will be recorded
J07- It is the competitors’ responsibility should they wish to gain assistance from marshals to record a catch to make contact by SMS and start travelling towards marshal in order for the fish to be kept a minimal time.


K01- Results will be done in order of the following procedure:
* At the end of the day length of best 3 Perch, 3 Zander and 1 Pike is being compiled in centimetres.
* Once length has been calculated any penalties received during that day are then deducted.
* In the event of a tie the kayak/boat with the fewer penalties on the day automatically wins
* If there is still a tie the kayak/boat with the less cumulative penalties since the start of the competition automatically wins
* Finally if there is still a tie ranking will be allocated on the combined length of Perch, Zander, and Pike in this order.
K04- Winners will be in ranking order the competitors having the least combined amount of points over the day’s event.


L01- Any reporting of cheating, misbehaviour is to be reported immediately to Event HQ to be recorded and investigated.
L02- Delayed claims will only be taken into account if sustained by pictures and or other proof. L03- All penalties, Yellow and Red cards given will be posted on website with explanation.


L04- Marshals are allowed to issue Yellow cards
L05- Issued Yellow cards remain valid for the whole duration of the event.
L06- Yellow card will automatically be accompanied by an additional penalty as detailed below (K07).
L07- Two Yellow cards issued to the same kayak/boat will result automatically to a red card which means the competitors are disqualified from the competition and required to leave the water immediately.
L08- Red Card matters will be relayed by Marshals to World Predator Classic England Head Marshal who may call upon witness and Event Quorum to discuss the matter. World Predator Classic Head Marshal’s decision is final.
L09- Red cards may carry an additional penalty as detailed below


L10- Failing to be in the right location at Kayak/boat Zone on time either at the start or the end of the day’s competition. 5 cm deduction each time and a further 1cm per additional minute after 5 minutes.
— Infringement on other competitors’ water. 25 cm deduction each time
— Catch Card not signed or handed to Results Officials by will void any catch that day.


L11- Any issue of a Yellow card entails the automatic disqualification of the longest fish caught on the day by the competitors.
L12- Not being able to return to port by their own means (rule E06 — at organiser’s discretion). L13- Daily morning security kayak/boat check not completed correctly.
L14- Infringement on No Man’s land
US- Not complying with Marshal’s instructions – will be relayed to Head Marshal who has the right to take further action
L16- Life Jacket not worn from leaving the berth (rule E07) – Penalty: immediate return to Competition HQ and no further fishing that day


L18- A red card can be the result of two yellow cards being issued (see above) or given immediately as detailed below. Event organizers have the right if a Red card is issued to have this accompanied by a lifetime ban.
L19- Deliberate act of cheating with proof/witness — with a lifetime ban
L20- Any acts of deliberate pollution (i.e. rubbish etc.) of the water or on land — with lifetime ban L21- Any fishing outside competition hours
L22- Go ashore during competition without permission (Rule H03)


M01- Local authorities have granted the WPC the right to organise the competition on the basis that fish welfare will be observed at all times. The World Predator Classic England is a strictly catch and release NO KILL competition where it is prohibited to mutilate, transport, or sell any catch.
M02- WPC in association with “Grafham Water” — Environmental Keep the water and banks clean.


• The check, clean, dry policy must be adhered to before and after fishing by all anglers.

• All anglers must hold a valid rod licence.

• No trolling under power.

• All pike, perch, and zander must be returned to the water alive.

• Any trout caught must be returned to the water immediately, if a trout is badly hooked and has to be killed it must be handed to the fishery staff.
• Fluorocarbon can be used, but only with single barbless hook lures.

• Where treble hooks are used, a wire trace is compulsory.

• Lure size is at the angler’s discretion but must be barbless. If regularly catching trout, increase lure size or move away from that area. (Trout are not to be actively targeted).

• A maximum of ONE rod can be fished per angler you may have as many rods as you wish however only two rods may have a lure clipped on at any. Please ensure that all lures are removed before launch and removed on return before leaving your Boat Kayak.

• Unhooking mats and appropriately sized nets must be used.